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Are you ready for a lifetime of music?

We just do what works!

Our lessons are unique, because every child is unique. Our lessons are INDIVIDUALIZED to meet the specific needs of each child. Our lessons are differentiated which allows us to teach a wide variety of student, from the super musically talented to the diamond in the rough to the child with special challenges with the potential to yield special results. Unique in that you can play different instruments in different weeks, or even in the same lesson. Unique, like your child. We only do what works.


  • Individualized Outcome Based
  • Adaptive
  • Led By Student’s Interest
  • Led By Student’s Learning Style
  • Not “One Size Fits All”
  • Music Is Taught As A Language
  • Learn Music, Not Just The Instrument
  • Learn “What, When, Why, How, And Where” Of Music Better Than You Can Imagine!

Mako Music School was an awesome experience for my son! He made friends and got to jam out on his bass. Thank you, Matt. Great job.

Heather D.