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Mako has been a life changing experience for my kids. They don’t just take music lessons; they now have an extended family. Matt and his staff strike just the right balance between teaching, mentoring and inspiring. The summer camps were especially beneficial. After less than one year, both of my kids can play multiple instruments and they actually enjoy having jam sessions (aka practicing)

Nikki R.

MaKo is one of the best things that ever happened to my son. First week of camp being over and he’s already begging for the next visit. He made so many friends and has a passion for music likes I’ve never seen him have for anything.

Amy L.

I can’t say enough good things about our MaKo experience. I love the open instruction that really is designed to simply foster the love of music. Our daughter started by taking voice lessons, but switched to guitar along with some singing. If she felt like playing drums, she could do that, too. Best of all is the atmosphere of acceptance at MaKo. All kids are accepted for their differences, quirkiness, artistic ability – in short, ALL of their wonderful-ness! With Matt Koon’s encouragement, our daughter has become more comfortable in her music ability and even performing in front of others. Just AWESOME all around.

Jennifer M.

Music Camps: 2017 Calendar

Central Virginia’s secret is out, MaKo Music is the ideal music learning environment for children of all levels. From the very beginner to the first chair, there is a lot to learn and a lot to improve on, and we have a record of not just teaching, but creating lifetime positive relationships with music!

The Mako Music Camp has grown in every possible way. Creating lifelong relationships with music as well as making lifelong friends in a positive atmosphere.

Combining Musical education with outdoor education is a natural fit.   The connection with music as well as nature will be established for a lifetime!  The kids will be busy all day long and will sleep well at night!

See below for camp information. Dates and times are subject to change. Please LIKE our Facebook page for up to date information.

Summer Camp 2017:

Camp Hours 9-5
(Extended hours 7:30-6:30)
Concerts take place Fridays at 5:30 p.m.
Concerts are 5$ a piece per spectator as a “supplies expense
(the kids break alot of stuff just by being kids)

Summer Schedule   (sign up by session or week)

“Bonus Week”
Week of June 20
(This week is open to all but all “mentors” are encouraged to go this week to get ready for summer and to qualify for discounted rates.)

Concert: June 24   

Session 1 
Week 1: Starts June 27th
Week 2: Starts July 4th (closed on the fourth)
Concert July 8

Session 2    
Week 3: Starts July 11th
Week 4: Starts July 18th
Concert July 22nd

Session 3      
Week 5: Starts 25th
Week 6: Starts August 1
Concert August 5th

Session 4
Week 7: Starts August 8th
Week 8: Starts August 15th
Concert August 19th

Session 5
Week 1 : Starts August 22nd
Week 2: Starts August 29th
Concert: September 2nd



Check here for schedule of day camps for when school is out!

Mako Music Registration


Summer 2017 Music and Nature Camp

This unique program combines the best in music education with outdoor awareness activities on our 6 acre wooded property, art, gardening, theater, and more  in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

The program is uniquely designed to help any musician improve on their chosen instrument, learn new instruments based on their previous knowledge easier than you can imagine,  as well as start a beginner on any instrument of their choice!

There are concerts to showcase what they have learned at the end of each two week session, though signing up for one week is just as beneficial and encouraged.

Summer Camps 2017 Weeks of:
Jun19 – Jun 26 – Jun3 – Jul10 – Jul17 – Jul24 – Jul31 – Jul7- Aug14 – Aug21 – Aug28


Thats right! All Week Long.

$150 per week for Kids Under 13
$100 (per week for kids 13 and over
Daily Rate for all: 40$

1/2 the time we will have the teens work with and mentor the kids, and the other half of the time we will have “kid time” and ” teen time”

Only 15 “Kid” Spots and 15 “Teen” Spots available per week. Sign up today!!

Mako Music Registration

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