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And the Owner, Matt Koon

Offering the Best Music Lessons in Mechanicsville.

Over 15 years experience in the area, and 2 years after we opened the most innovative, creative, and effective school of music in the area. The Mako Music School.

Matt has played music professionally for 20 years on Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, banjo in several styles. and has been one of the areas most sought after and in demand music teachers for 10 years. For 9 years Matt was able to do this in one of the 10 (approximate) 5 foot by 7 foot windowless lesson rooms at Mechanicsville Music, but he has since opened up his own lesson space Matt Koon Music Lessons which has a facility that reflects how much he appreciates his students!

In just the past 3 years, Matt played instrumental shred guitar in The Matt Koon Foundation, and Bass and keys in his current band the Jazz fusion group “The Foundation.” He has also been called upon to emergency sub in several bands including Bass in J. Pothead’s (name changed by request) Jazz Trio, Guitar in the Hair metal band “Age of Excess”, Guitar in the soul band “the Soul Providers”, played classical guitar in several weddings, and is also appearing in the CYT play Tom Sawyer on Slide Guitar and Banjo.

Matt was entirely self-taught until two years ago when he attended 5 time Grammy award winner Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature Camp. Through that life changing experience, Matt has had several lessons and group lessons with Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington as well as many other world class players through their association with the camp.

Matt Loves teaching, and has energy and ability, and confidence to teach any willing student what they want to know.

  • All ages: has taught from age 4 to age 80
  • All levels: Matt has taught beginners to band kids, to gigging musicians, to adult beginners…any body who has the desire has the ability.
  • All styles: Well actually one style: Music.
  • Instruments taught: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica, Violin, Drums, Music Theory, multiple instrument playing, songwriting, recording techniques.
  • Rates: $25/half hour
Matt Koon

Matt Koon